Seig Howl: How To “Beat Your Meat”, Subvert Ideology and Cultivate Victim Identity and Other Countercultural Controlling

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Seig Howl: How To “Beat Your Meat”, Subvert Ideology and Cultivate Victim Identity and Other Countercultural Controlling

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"Seig Howl: How To “Beat Your Meat”, Subvert Ideology and Cultivate Victim Identity and Other Countercultural Controlling Mechanisms in Modern American Advertisement and the Personality Manufacturing Industry-POV"

‪A Biden Bean stimulant based stimulus would be doubly good for our economy and the economy of island countries that also grow cigars which would make a great second multi-round stimulant stimulus; the Biden Blunt/Bean Stimulant Stimulus. ‬

The Bamasaurus Margeradactyl was the only hominoid species in existence during the Heroic age. Researchers documented the species ability to kick flip and gay rail tricks. The Bamasaurus Margeradactyl had a socio-behavioral tendency to oversell all bumps and falls. The species is now unfortunately extinct due to crystal methamphetamine and fireball mini-bottles.

The mere thought or concern that one might be suffering from paranoia is, in fact, the first symptom of full blown paranoia wombo combo bout to pop yo head owf, bych. If you even think that for one second, that’s the first step to the shaved eyebrows lifestyle. Good luck, buddy boy.

Mosey on down to uncle brother’s poke chop n smoke shop; YOUR one stop shop for chitterlings and chillums, alike! No matter what kind of hash ur dealin with, Weeee got ur buns covered!

One time, I was working on a car lot and one of the used car salesman got fired and he got super pissed/ screaming and cussing everybody out in the office (which was a double wide trailer), so everybody just went outside and smoked. Right before he left while he was momentarily alone inside, he stone cold took a shit on the floor/ no wipe and then bounced out, thug lyfe style. Everybody there was fucking and on drugs. A lady got fired for drinking hair spray on the job.

“Lady if you keep drinking that damn hairspray you’re gonna wind up with a hole in your fucken ozone layer one day n die.”

“Every time I have to ask a Native American the means of which that something or someone occurred in, I can’t help but blush.” <-that’s the first part of the question

“Fuck you tahmbhout, bru?” <-next season’s jeopardy question leak.

Zoomer World Geography for $500


My dream job is to butter all the pecans at the Ben and Jerry’s factory.

You think when we were still a hunter/ gatherer species that people used to gamble money on games with wagers in nuts and berries?

Foot pain is a special kind of pain. Foot pain is the shark fin soup of painful experiences; only Korean men want it enough to seek it out, but it’s there regardless and once you get it, it’s gonna cost you and you aren’t gonna like it but it will be a profound yet humbling life experience.

Headlines: China Breaks into Disney Vault to Enact Revenge Assassination Against Mulan for Alleged Decades Old War Crimes

The older I get, the more I realize that the timeline of my life is marked by my acquisition of cheap material produced by big companies who manipulated my emotions and took my money.

And, in having done this leaving a great stain on the fabric of my existence through space and time. TLDR; the dual reality of the age of the inverted happy meals lamented and loathed.

Bumper Sticker: “I don’t believe in contraception so it’s probable that I have an Honor Student out there somewhere by this point.”

I’m as natural as I can be in a world of plastic and sugar.

Pedo stings: I think they should get Sting to show up during the sting and put mfs in the scorpion death lock...that would be a perfect sting operation.
Chris hansen type guy who entraps pedos and then does wrestling moves on them as their punishment. “Sting the Pedo Hunter” and then you just dub over new lyrics to the dog the bounty Hunter theme.

Who would be more likely to win the BME pain olympics: Jonathan Taylor Thomas Vs. Corey from “boy meets world”? Kicker: they can only use fingernail clippers!

jtt vs Chealsy Clinton in a BMX BDSM demolition roller derby with a fire pit in the middle

The winner becomes permanent president

I wonder if you put an iron shot put into a forge and then took it out and balanced it on your head, what would happen? Sombody has prolly already tried this^... I wonder if you ate ice cream really fast if it would save your brain from getting cooked.

The ancient rumblings of an industrial ghost’s empty bowels, off in the distance at night...that midnight train...she’s a roarin down the tracks...straight to hell. And, she’s full of miniature train sets with an overhaul of little cast iron conductors, all packed away neatly. Then the motherfucker hits a axe head some kids left on the tracks and everybody dies, but the worst part is all the trains gets ruined.

I have track marks from wallerin on train tracks. I’m addicted to trains.

Millions of years ago, trippy quartz hunks and jasper formed in the sands under the beaches and then rivers tumbled in rocks and minerals and layers of rock formed over hundreds of millions of years and caused heat and pressure to form the conglomerate into rock. Then a massive glacier ripped the trippy hunks out and hauled them to Michigan where they melted and pooped out charlaveau, fossils, potowski and puddingstones and many other austismicly orgasmic stoner staring fuel.


Round-Up is patented as an antibiotic. It prevents the manufacture of amino acids needed to build protein by eliminating a single enzyme. Monsanto is giving you autism, Parkinson’s , and Alzheimer’s and you’re paying big bucks for it.

I heard there’s a giant spherical diamond in the center of the earth and you literally have to nuke all the dirt off of it to get to it, but it’s finders keepers and that’s what China is up to, basically.

Mickey Mouse Frat House

Fear not, for you are not your mind!

SYMBOLIC: Slow motion video of Evil Kenivel crashing and breaking like seventy bones, distorted and in a loop; Either that or swamp thing.

I heard that in the future we will communicate in mathematics and geometry. This makes more sense if you think about human lineage as a fractalizing code. Also, Round Up is patented as an antibiotic and it's giving you Parkinson's by removing an amino acid that is essential to protein synthesis.

I used to eat makeup while I watched my goth girl put on a burger in the car. Then we had a pregnant scare and I said, “you acted like more of a baby about that than the imaginary fetus we never conceived.” Lol she made me look at her nasty ass period blood clot because at one point this bitch literally thought she had a toilet top miscarriage, and I yelled at her because it made me throw up. She was a lazy fat and she had a pizza lover tattoo on her big fat ankle because she wanted to look like she was a suicide gurl but she was more like the summer sausage girl. I had multiple serious head injuries right before we started dating. Fellas, if you’ve been knocked in the coconut a couple times recently, DONT have chicks move in with ya for about a year and a half. Let those cognitive pathways start to reroute for a minute before you’re throwin her gay pink dildo in your yard and she’s takin HALF your vinyls, man. It was wale pus makeup from the 1920’s and it gave me the shits.

Sheared her clean off at the bolts, looks like.

When I put magnets on my head I can feel it in my brain. That's not crazy. That's quantum physics.

I have this idea for a charmin bears advertisement where it’s like a psa about society needing to accept and understand shit eaters. It’s fecalphelia or whatever that’s what’s it is. Coronavirus is a fucken scat scam. I had a scat scam at the horsepitel one time, and I have a scat scam scar now.

I was in the ghetto rock hunting and this young black, whom I assumed to be a fellow rock aficionado, tried to rip me off on a tiny piece of calcite for $40. He insisted on its quality and stated that someone else would pay even more for it. I told him, “it’s fairly common and kind of ugly. It won’t polish up. It’s just calcite. It literally looks like crack.” What a fucken idiot!