Some thoughts on Rape... A soliloquy

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Some thoughts on Rape... A soliloquy

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How much it would suck if you decided to rape a bitch and she had a really hairy nasty pussy.
Imagine you open her up, and its the nastiest snatch ever. Theres like little pieces of shit and underwears material. She sees the look on your face and she starts laughing.

You know people sit around and wonder what they would do in case they were raped. I know I do and the go to would be to shit yourself immediately. But, you also have to think about how the rapists fantasize and obsess over this scenario too, especially if they're out there raping people. They probably have an underground internet forum where they do the game theory and figure out the counter play for people shitting themselves. There's probably some dude on the rapist forum who thinks the people shitting themselves is all part of this grand alure power trip. The point of this is to say... Do any of y'all know the counter play to women shitting themselves?
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Re: Some thoughts on Rape... A soliloquy

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All games of chess, except draws, end in checkmate
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